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Writers Write #07 The Importance of Rest

A Kryptic Blog… Throughout the centuries, many armies at war with each other, when special holidays approached or the men just grew tired of battle on both sides, would stop the fighting. They would declare a cease fire or a truce. That is where terms like those came from. Indeed in the Old Testament of

Writers Write #03 When The Muses Won’t Return Your Call

A Kryptic Blog Post… Have you ever struggled to find the inspiration to write? You know you love writing, but you just can’t get to it. Every part of your being feels like its empty. So what do you do? You head over to the local shaman to gather supplies. You hop on to Google

Writer’s Beware

Writer’s Beware A Kryptic Blog Post… You are merrily writing on your way toward finishing off your beloved project. You have spent months, no years pouring your heart and soul in to the project and now comes the time to get the thing published, but you have nowhere to turn. Emails, calls and rando’s creep